It’s no wonder why there are so many energy drinks, miracle energy shots, and caffeinated drinks on the market. People are tired. For many of us it feels like we go throughout our week feeling like every step of the way is a fight. Often we are so used to the go-go lifestyle that we don’t even question why we are tired, we just assume it’s normal. Is it? I would like to argue that it’s not. It is normal to be tired after an overly hectic day. It is normal to be tired after a night where you didn’t get any sleep. It ISN’T normal to feel overly exhausted for an extended period of time. There must be a reason for our fatigue and if there is a reason that means there is room for a solution. Find the reason, eliminate whatever it is, and you have found your solution. It is easier said than done, as the reason can me a multitude of things, but it’s never too late to start trying. We wanted to offer up a few key reasons why people experience fatigue. Hopefully you can relate to one or two and then work from there to change those things so you feel like you have energy again!

  1. Anemia can be a constant battle for some, and a “season” for others. During menstruation loss of blood can cause temporary anemia, but you can also have iron deficiency issues in a more long term way. Seek a nutritionist or physicians counsel if this might be an issue for you. Lack of Iron can very easily cause fatigue.
  2. Depression is one of the more obvious reasons for feeling fatigued and tired. However, many people don’t realize that they are depressed. Start with your physician and see if there are any other possible issues and they can help you to decide if depression is something you have been struggling with.
  3. Diabetes can make you feel sluggish and slow. There are a few key signs of diabetes (and there are a few different types). If you are tired and have blurred vision and frequent urination you should consult with your physician.
  4. Heart Disease is another huge factor in fatigue. Now, don’t go assuming you have heart disease just because you’re tired. You will need to seek a professional’s advice but other risk factors you might want to consider are obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.
  5. Lack of Vitamin D is a big one when it comes to fatigue. If you aren’t getting enough sun, and/or enough Vitamin D you are bound to feel lethargic and tired.
  6. Lack of Potassium can be a cause of fatigue or exhaustion. A doctor can run a blood test to see if your potassium levels are good.
  7. Nutrition and diet can help or hinder depending on what it is that you are eating. If you are eating lots of sugars, caffeine, energy drinks, and processed foods your body will spike and then crash. This can be a vicious cycle. Try to avoid these things. If you already eat/drink them it will take a bit to get used to going without them, but you will likely find that once you are “off” of them you have more energy.
  8. Sleep apnea (poor sleep) or lacks of sleep altogether are both issues that many women struggle with. If you aren’t getting enough sleep you probably know it. However, you may not realize if you have sleep apnea. This is where your breathing stops briefly while you sleep and it wakes you up. Contact your physician for more information on this issue.
  9. Stress whether it’s obvious or not can cause you to feel exhausted and tired throughout the day. Mental and emotional strain wears you out to the point where you feel physically exhausted. If you are feeling stressed about something (loss, work problem, family issues, etc) you need to find a way to calm the fears and anxieties that stem from those situations. This can be done a few different ways. Some of which include meditation, training your thoughts, or seeking counseling.
  10. Thyroid problems can make you feel overly tired. Whether your thyroid is in hyper or hypo mode either way will cause fatigue to rear its nasty head. Check with your physician to see if this might be an issue of your. It is very common with women, so you might have an issue and not even realize it.


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