For this post we decided to change it up a bit. While we know what we love and we know what we like to write about, we also want to be sure that you, the reader, are liking the information we are sharing. Are you? Do you find our posts useful? Are they enjoyable to read? What is your favorite post so far?


In an effort to make our blog a place where you can come to get the most valuable and interesting information, stuff that applies directly to your likes, interests, and lives we thought we would ask you for some ideas.

We obviously love to talk about acupuncture and natural medicine. Some of our other interests include but are not limited to:

·         Women’s Health

·         Pregnancy: Whether it’s a serious topic or something more light weight like “8 Pregnancy Must Haves” we think all information about pregnancy is really valuable.

·         Fertility: We get really excited about fertility tracking, an example post if our “Crash Course in Ovulation: Valuable Information and Tips on Fertility Tracking

·         Post Partum

·         Depression

·         Anxiety

·         Digestive Issues: You will find that we love to give tips on good digestive health, an example post is “12 Ways to Promote Digestive Health”.

·         Nutrition

·         Environmental Issues: Some examples of posts on environment issues are “10 Great Ways to Save Money, Save Energy, and Save the Environment this Summer” and “10 Money Saving and Easy Ways to Save the Environment”.

·         Women’s Spiritual Empowerment: We love to encourage and empower women. After all, we can always use some of that! An example post is “Instilling Confidence in Young Women of Today”.


These are just a few examples of many fun and informative posts we have on our blog right now.  But why stop there?


We want to know of these topics, and others that you might think up, what do you want to know? We want to share what we know with you. Feel free to send over any ideas or thoughts that you have. PLEASE, we want to know what you want to read. In order to give you input please leave a comment on this post. We will check it regularly to see what you have shared. If you feel comfortable leave your contact info and we will let you know if/when we do a post using YOUR idea!

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