• smiley Eat Healthy: Eating healthy doesn’t just promote a positive self image, but the food you eat actually contributes to the way your body feels. Foods that cause temporary spikes in energy, like sugar and caffeine, are often associated with a crash.  This up-and-down cycle does not promote genuine happiness and interferes with your body’s natural processes.  If you are eating foods filled with chemicals, your body isn’t going to be working as it should, causing you to feel sluggish physically and reaching for sugar and caffeine for a quick fix again! This physical up-down cycle directly correlates with your emotional well-being.
  • Exercise: Exercise is essential to human happiness for 3 main reasons.
    1. Exercise helps us to feel better immediately by causing our body to create more endorphins.  Endorphins are “happy chemicals!”
    2. Physical movement and activity makes us feel better about ourselves in terms of taking pride in our life and doing something great for our bodies.
    3. Exercise will help keep us physically fit, which is something many of us struggle with when it comes to being happy: our body image.  Seeing positive change in your body and feeling good in your clothing can be hugely uplifting and gratifying.
  • Love: Odds are, you’ve never seen someone falling in love in a bad mood. The trick is to cherishing and sustaining that feeling – whether you’ve been with someone for a few weeks or a few decades.  Remember why you fell in love and find ways to reconnect and fall in love all over again.  And let’s not forget about the unconditional, unerring love of our pets — adopt a rescue cat or dog and you’ll never be on short supply of the magic that is love!
  • Community: This article gives a list of ways to find and keep happiness. One notable idea is that you should surround yourself with friends and family.  Even those of us convinced we do better alone would do well to nourish and nurture meaningful connections from time to time.  We are social creatures after all.  Surrounding yourself with a tribe or community of people that build you up and encourage you, whether on a daily basis or once in a while, is good for the soul.  Spending time with negative nancy’s and pessimists, however, will have quite the opposite effect – so choose wisely and always view relationships like medicine.  If it’s expired, it’s best to leave it on the shelf.
  • Focus on Gratitude: We have discussed the power of positive thinking in various ways on this blog. The ultimate concept is that if you spend your day thinking of all you are grateful for, you are more likely to align your thoughts and actions within that train of thought and bring more of it into your life.  Gratitude for all things is key to longevity in happiness.  A grateful heart invites a life to be grateful for.
  • Find a Hobby/Passion: People often have things they would love to learn how to do, or they would love to better at it.  The truth is, tomorrow is not guaranteed and putting off what you are feeling called to do may mean you never get to do it.  Often, people find themselves caught up in the things needed to survive that they actually forget to live. Think of something you would love to do, and just start doing it.  Having hobbies and passions gives you a sense of belonging in life.  Your interests exist for a reason – they make you happy.
  • Find Self Value in Your Job: Whatever you do, do it with integrity and give it your best.  Don’t waste your precious time counting hours at a job you don’t like — get a job you do like.  If it seems out of reach, just take the first step and keep moving until it is in reach.  But whatever you do, wherever you are, always commit with full presence and joy.  Life is the journey, happiness is the journey.  There is no destination.
  • Laugh: Similar to the above note with regard to your job, when all else fails in life, laugh! Seriously, there is very little that takes place in our daily life that we shouldn’t be able to laugh off. Please do not take the wrong and assume I am referring to life altering or traumatic events. This is not the case. I am really just talking about daily life.
  • Give Much: According to this article, studies have actually shown that generous people are happier people.  “It is always better to give than to receive.”  When you give to others, you find you are filled up yourself.  Take the focus off me, me, me and enjoy the life-sustaining power of selfless giving.
  • Commit Acts of Kindness: This goes hand in hand with spending time with community even when you don’t feel like it. If you treat others really well, then you will start to feel better about your circumstance. This can be anything from holding a door for someone at the supermarket to buying a meal for the booth next to you and leaving without letting them know it was you. It really won’t matter what kind of a funk you are in, doing nice things for others has a way of being an instant pick-me- up.


Guest editor: KellySays.com

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