We pulled these five business tips from an interview that Forbes.com posted. They interviewed Claudette Christian, the c0-chair of Hogan Lovells. Hogan Lovells is a top ranked global legal practice.

  1. 1.       Be Assertive: Often women don’t feel comfortable being assertive because they don’t want to come on too strong. Fact of the matter is, you are not going to succeed in a world full of assertive successful business people if you are not able to stand your ground on key points or get yourself seen in a crowd.  
  2. 2.       Accept challenges that you normally wouldn’t feel like accepting. Just when you think you can’t do anything else you just might surprise yourself. Don’t let self doubt convince you of doing something that your heart has conviction about.
  3. Don’t Take Prejudice and Criticism Personally: It is important to know your abilities and have confidence in those. People will always have something to say about what you are doing or how you are doing. Listen, take what makes sense to you that you can apply to your own life and leave the rest. In others words eat the meat and spit out the bones.
  4. 4.       Be Ambitious: Don’t be worried that looking for the next best thing is a sign of being disloyal. In the business world sometimes it is just what you will need to do to be successful. Just because you might move onto something else doesn’t mean you can’t conduct yourself with honesty and integrity.
  5. 5.       Find More Than One Niche: While it is good to have a specialty it is also good to well versed in multiple different areas. Don’t settle for expertise in just one area.
  6. 6.       Network Network Network: Build a network of people in various positions, companies, and places in the food chain. You will need to have people above and below you that have great things to say about who you are and what you can do.
  7. Make Family A Priority: Most successful business women interview by Woman’s Day say that they feel it’s important to put family first. This can look different in different scenarios but the ultimate end is the same. Women are doing great in business but making sure that their family life takes priority. At the end of each day work will be there, but family will be more valuable. Lori Grainer, a multi-million dollar business owner says she works with her husband which makes it easy, but either way acknowledges that importance of family time. Anne Lynam Goddard, CEO and President of Child Fund International, says she feels that marrying someone with like values and goals makes her success easy to carry as her and her husband see eye to eye on very important decisions.
  8. Schedule Personal Time: Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Executive VP and Artistic Director of OPI nails says she schedules (literally schedules) personal time so that she doesn’t forget that taking time to be with yourself, and do things for yourself help you be a better more productive person. You need it.


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