There are so many things that people try to do in an effort to lose weight. We already wrote a two post series on the things you shouldn’t do with regard to dieting don’ts and exercise don’ts, but felt to cover  other no so easily labeled things we should do one more post. The following things are things you should not if you are trying to lose weight.

  1. Do not Compare Yourself to Others: In your journey to a better more fit and healthy body do not look around you for guidance on where you are at, or how successful you have been. Avoid fantasy about Hollywood stars, model and professional pictures on the magazines at the grocery store, and anything else that is very honestly not a true depiction of real life. Not only should you avoid comparing yourself to images and figures that are touched up, manipulated, and basically a lie but you should also not compare yourself to people around in everyday life. There is always that one girl at the gym that makes all the others girls feel like they aren’t “fit” enough. Don’t allow those thoughts to creep up on you. The reality is that you are a different person, built a different way. You have no idea about the circumstances which lead to that person being as fit as you are. You don’t know if they were born with a faster metabolism. You don’t know if they have been working out for 10 years, if they have 3 hours a day to devote to working out, if they do things behind closed doors that help the weight loss but aren’t healthy, etc etc. So track your progress and your progress only. Understand that you can only do what your body, time, resources allow and be grateful for the things you are able to accomplish.
  2. Don’t Chose Options that Only Promote Weight Loss with a  direct Disregard to Health:  I know that for most people the ultimate goal is to like the way you look, but lets just take a step back real quick. In order to truly like the way you look and be able to sustain that you need to be entertaining a healthy lifestyle, not just one that drops pounds. If you aren’t, then eventually your body will begin to show signs of the unhealthy ways in which you chose to lose weight. Now, you have a problem on your hands that is bigger than dropping a few pounds. Some effects of poor weight loss tactics are not reversible. Chose wisely what you ingest into your system and how you chose to care for your body. If you do this, you will still lose the weight but you won’t have the residual issues.
  3. Acknowledge Bigger Issues in Your Eating and Exercising Struggles: Many times the things we eat and the way we exercise (or don’t exercise) are not really because we have a lack of self control or just aren’t motivated enough to do “the right thing”. Sometimes there are deeper issues at work. These can be anything from psychological issues such as depression and anxiety to physical issues such as hormonal imbalances or digestive issues. If you feel you have lost hope in getting your eating or exercise where you want it to be you might think about seeking medical/psychological assessment. This is not to promote that weight loss is easy unless you are dealing with something- it isn’t easy and takes time and will power. However, if you know those two things aren’t typically something you struggle with and something just doesn’t seem right, you might be onto something. Once you have figured out what the problem is you can treat that, or recognize it when it is taking place. For example, if you realize you are suffering from stress or anxiety and you eat in those moments, you can start to treat the stress instead of just trying to control the eating.
  4. Don’t Do Anything Extreme: Do things that are sustainable and that help to promote moderation. As you start to feel comfortable with your current “weaknesses”  in moderation then you can cut back again. Taking the time to allow yourself to get used to each step at a time will allow you to never really feel like you’re are missing out.


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