With 80% of the U.S. population living in urban areas is no wonder that urban gardening has become a popular trend in the United States. People are trying anything and everything to grow veggies, herbs, and even fruits in or around their “city setting” home. If you are one of the many who fall into that 80% that do not live in a rural area where finding space for a garden is a simple thing to do, you should be happy to know that you can grow a garden regardless of where you live

What Type of Setting Do You Have To Grow an Urban Garden?

If you live in an urban area there is a good chance that your “garden landscape” will fall under one of these three types: outdoor gardening (the difference here is that it’s probably in small areas like a small back patio, or balcony), indoor gardening, or community gardening. The first step of urban gardening to is to pin point what options you have. Once you do that you can narrow down the type of gardening you will be doing.

What Type of Urban Gardening Will Work Best for Your Situation?

So once you have identified what type of landscape you have available for your urban garden you can start considering the different types of urban gardens you can grow.

  1.  Container gardening is very useful for both indoor and outdoor gardening. You can use the standard pots like you would imagine putting flowers in, or get more creative and use things like old tires, old dish washing gloves hung on a wall, and more. Check out this blog for great container gardening tips.
  2.   Air pot urban containers are great for small areas like back patios and balconies. If you have an outside space but not much of one, try this thrifty, clean, and effective way of growing an urban garden.
  3. Outdoor Planters are a timeless classic when it comes to gardening in tight spaces. It is easy to put them on railings of balconies, shelves that sit up and out of the way, and on the ground in an open corner. They are easy to move around if mobility is an issue, and they are easy to keep clean.
  4. Green roofs are also a very fun and handy place to grow your favorite eats. These are a little more difficult to come by as you can’t just create one on any sky rise around. Check with your building management and see if there is a way to get one started. If it is an option for you, green roof gardens can be an exciting way to garden in the city.
  5.  Need more ideas? This blog can be a great source of information for all your urban organic gardening needs.

Ideas for Making Space Where There isn’t Space for an Urban Garden

Now that you have identified your garden landscape and narrowed down what type of garden you will do, it’s time to get creative. If you chose container gardening there are all different types of containers to consider. Check out this post form containergardeningtips.com for great tips on creative gardening containers. If you are doing any type of indoor or outdoor gardening in small spaces options might seem limited, but with some creative thought you might find that you have many more options than you ever considered. Go to your local hardware and garden store and see if you can find anything fun and handy like these indoor/outdoor wall mount gardening pots.

What to Grow in Your Urban Garden

One thing that is important to keep in mind is that just like any garden in different climates, with different soil, and different growing seasons, you will need to figure out what foods will work in your location. Do your research on what to plant, when to plant it, and how to care for it. This is a great rule to follow regardless of what kind of garden you are growing. Here are some generally urban garden friendly plants to consider.

Good luck with and have fun gardening!!

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