Reviews: Acupuncture Treatment for Infertility and Pregnancy

Thank You, Melani!

Thank you for taking such loving care of me throughout this process of becoming a mom. I am without words… – Charlotte S.

Thank you for all of your help and guidance throughout my pregnancy. I know our acupuncture sessions helped make a tremendous difference and contributed to my problem-free pregnancy and delivery (no c-section and most of my labor was spent at home!) – Kerry F.

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for well over a year. After a very brief introduction to infertility doctors and procedures, I was adamant to avoid this “science project” world and try alternative methods. This is when I was introduced to Melani – thank goodness! I began a weekly treatment of acupuncture and Chinese Herbs and 5 cycles later I was pregnant! Melani’s expertise, kindness, and support could not have come at a better time and I am so grateful to have found her. She is wonderful to work with and I hope every woman who has trouble getting pregnant will consider seeing Melani for fertility acupuncture treatments. Thank you so much for everything!! -Michele S

I just wanted to let you know that my IVF was not successful. But going to NaturalQi and getting treatments with you were some of the only calm moments in a very stressful time. I can’t thank you enough. -Randy S.

I had the baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!! – Bonny & Steve


Thank you soooo much for everything. The acupuncture treatments and your counseling definitely helped me so much. You gave me the confidence and reassurance I needed when certain medical doctors didn’t. I can’t believe I’m pregnant …. I definitely have faith and trust in your acupunture treatments. – Rita

Relief from first trimester through induction

I was pregnant with my second child and suffering from all day nausea. After trying many common remedies with no results, I went to see Melani. She did an amazing job treating my morning sickness and specializes in many different pregnancy related conditions. She is also a doula. She’s very sweet and takes the time to really listen to me and answer any questions. After the first treatment, I could already feel some immediate relief of the nausea and felt like I was getting some energy back. The nausea improved drastically over the next few treatments. Melani definitely made my first trimester bearable! I highly recommend Melani Bolyai. Ariane was born on November 21 at 9:59 pm. She weighed 7 lbs. I finally ended up going in to be induced because I just felt that, after trying everything (including castor oil, ugh!) my body was not going to go into labor on its own and I was going to end up getting induced on Friday anyway. Anyway, labor was actually much easier than with my daughter, which I am sure was in part thanks to all of your work at preparing me, and I was able to be much more alert and aware throughout the whole thing. Thanks again for all your help. – Amrita B.

Pregnant after a D&C

I went to Melani after experiencing an early miscarriage and a D&C. She did acupuncture and gave me herbs to help me start ovulating again since most women experience long cycles after a D&C. As I always had very long and irregular cycles, I figured it would be a while until I got a period again. In fact, it was a long time — 9 months! With Melani’s help, I was pregnant again 3 weeks after my D&C. I saw her through my first two trimesters and am expecting my baby any day now. I highly recommend Melani due to her knowledge, patience and kind demeanor. – Shari M.

Almost gave up hope

I had a lot of trouble keeping pregnancies, and subsequently, getting pregnant. When I came to Melani, I was exhausted and losing faith. She was incredibly constant, steady and intuitive in her perspective and in her prescription of herbs and acupuncture. I particularly appreciated her willingness to be open to our pursuing IVF. I found all that she gave us to be absolutely instrumental in our carrying our incredible baby girl to term. Melani is a great practitioner. We’ll be going back when we’re ready to try for another baby. – Elizabeth

Successful induction

I saw Melani November 8th, 2005 for a treatment to get my labor going. (I was almost a week late.) My husband came with, and it was around 8pm. Anyway, I went into labor less than 5 hours after leaving her office, and had my little girl the evening of the 9th. Now I recommend acupuncture to soon-to-be mothers all the time, esp. Melani to my friends in NYC. Thank you so much, Melani – you are wonderful. – Mary K.

Acupuncture for pregnancy – normal and enjoyable

Throughout my second pregnancy I found myself with a weakened immune system, extreme fatigue, headaches and nausea. After hearing from varying sources how acupuncture might really help me and that doctors in Germany recommend it to pregnant women on a normal basis I decided to give it a try. I was so relieved to find Melani who specialized in treating pregnant women. I’d researched and experimented a bit before finding Melani and found her to be a great fit for my needs. She even needled certain points that I enjoyed besides treating me. And yet, as more typical of western practices, at the beginning of every session we spoke in great detail about how I’d felt since I’d last seen her. She was also very willing and open to educating me while treating me, this made me feel all the more comfortable and secure as a patient. And EVERY week I could not wait until the following week for my next appointment! I highly recommend Melani to every pregnant woman. – Kristen M.

Treatment for Infertility

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over two years. After going through multiple IUIs, 2 IVFs, and one miscarriage, I decided to give acupuncture a try. At our first meeting, Melani immediately put me at ease, clearly explaining to me the basics of Chinese medicine, and patiently answering all of my questions. Over the next few months, I looked forward to my sessions and found them to be an oasis of calm in the otherwise hellish world of infertility. With her expertise, kindness, and support, our next in- vitro cycle was an overwhelming success: I am now well into my second trimester and feeling great! I could not recommend Melani more highly, and hope every woman who has trouble getting pregnant will consider acupuncture (especially with Natural Qi!) as a viable option. – Jill W.

Working with my midwife

I was reluctant to try acupuncture at first but being a week overdue with my second child I was ready to try anything. Melani was wonderful. Her warm personality welcomed my MANY questions and she was flexible in working with my midwife. Most importantly she helped my labor to begin, avoiding a medical induction. I have recommend Melani to many people and will continue to do so. – Maria B.

Trying to conceive

We had been going through hell within the ‘fertility industry’ and were seriously thinking about stopping trying to conceive. By the time we found Melani, both of us felt traumatized in mind and body. But her soothing and nourishing combination of herbs and acupuncture immediately made us feel reconnected to each other and our bodies, and we kept trying. After only a few months, plus finding the right fertility doctor, we became pregnant and are now expecting a little girl. – Kimberly and Rick B.

Conception, Induction and a Caring Doula

I met Melani a little after Gil, my husband, and I decided we wanted to have a baby. I have had some gynecological problems in the past and was concerned that I would have a problem getting pregnant. I’ve had acupuncture before for migraines and it was helpful. When Melani described the fertility treatment using acupuncture I immediately felt a relief. I understood it was not 100%, but I connected to this ancient method and her way of practicing it right away. We began a combined treatment of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I got pregnant within 3 months. Gil and I were beyond happy…but also scared. I had acupuncture throughout my pregnancy since I had some complications. Melani has always provided a safe and calm environment for my baby and me. I felt at ease and in some kind of a mini-vacation coming to see Melani from a crazy day at work. Gil and I decided to have a doula for the birth of our son, and there was no doubt in our minds that Melani was the one! Melani came to our home for a visit to discuss the labor and delivery process. We knew that it was going to be a scary experience as well as fun and amazing. I prepared to have a natural delivery using acupuncture; however, my plans changed when, in week 38, we discovered that our baby’s nuchal cord was around his neck. We waited a week, but then my ob/gyn suggested we induce labor. I was extremely disappointed, but wanted to be on the safe side. Melani was supportive and helpful in making that decision; she did so with grace and patience. We arrived to the hospital on Friday morning to start the induction. Melani was my acupuncturist and doula, but also, an amazing, funny companion during this long and exhausting day…to both my husband and I. She was so available…from buying us lunch to holding me (all of the 180lbs I was) during seriously painful contractions. I was amazed how strong this tiny girl is…STRONG!!! Shoham, our son, was born after 17 hours, he was in distress and had to be taken away. This was the scariest moment of my life, not knowing if my baby was dead or alive. Melani was standing next to me, and without understanding a word of what I was saying (I spoke in my mother-tongue, Hebrew), she understood me. Shoham was brought into my arms after long 10 minutes, and I couldn’t believe the beauty and sweetness. Melani was emotionally and physically present during the most important moment of our life and we are grateful to her authenticity, calmness, warmth, and impressive expertise in the area of Chinese medicine and childbirth. Thank you. – Gil, Michal, & Shoham B.

It’s a boy!

Melani – Kristen had a boy last night, August John, he is 8lbs 4oz. Thanks for all your help encouraging Kristen and getting her going! – Andrew M.

Avoiding medication during labor

I was 41 1/2 weeks pregnant, and my midwife warned that if I did not go into labor, I would need to be induced. I wanted a natural childbirth, and I’d heard that acupuncture may be effective in inducing labor naturally. So I called Melani and she took me right away. She even went out of her way to see me in a satellite office close to my home on a weekend, because of the urgency of my situation! My husband Dan was with me for the whole visit, and Melani answered all of our questions and made us feel at ease. She played soothing music and let us know everything she was doing. I felt a lot of sensations throughout my legs and pelvic region during treatment. Melani always made sure I was comfortable and offered to make any adjustments necessary to ensure my comfort and peace of mind. After the treatment, I felt centered and relaxed. In fact, I started to feel accepting of whatever outcome would prevail. So I left the session feeling that even if the acupuncture didn’t help to jump start labor, it certainly helped me make peace with whatever destiny had in store. The next day, I felt light contractions all day long. That night, the real contractions began, and my little boy was born the following morning at 7:30! He was healthy, and the labor went relatively quickly. I did not use any pain medications. I sincerely feel that Melani’s acupuncture treatment was effective in helping me have a timely and healthy labor and delivery. Not only did the acupuncture succeed on a physiological level, but it helped prepare me, on a psychological and emotional level, for my labor, making it the overall success that it was. Thank you, Melani! – Anonymous

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