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“She did an amazing job…Melani definitely made my first trimester bearable! I highly recommend Melani Bolyai.” – Amrita

“She was incredibly constant, steady and intuitive. Melani is a great practitioner.” – Elizabeth

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“Melani was wonderful. Her warm personality welcomed my MANY questions…” – Maria

“Melani is such an amazing practitioner and person!” – Meeta

“If you are at all interested in going to acupuncture, GO TO MELANI!” – Kyle

“She has always made me feel very comfortable and even made me laugh throughout the entire process…Because she helped me understand how my body works, I have control over my health…” – Vicki

“After two acupuncture sessions, I could already feel the difference…” – Casey

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“It’s nice to know that someone cares and has the answers to my specific needs…” – Janet

“The NYC Marathon was an incredible race and event which I not only ran pain free but finished in the top 15%!” – Jeffrey

“I am without words…” – Charlotte S.

“…acupuncture sessions made a tremendous difference” – Kerry F.

“Her support, kindess and expertise could not have come at a better time” -Michele S

“…the only calm in a very stressful time.” -Randy S.

“Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!” – Steve and Bonny

“…gave me the needed reassurance and confidence when other medical doctors did not.” – Rita

“I could feel some immediate relief already and drastically improved over a few treatments.” – Amrita B.IBS-stomach

“…knowledge, patience and kind demeanor. I highly recommend Melani.” – Shari M.

“…steady, intuitive and constant when I was exhausted and losing faith…” – Elizabeth

“Soon-to-be mothers…I recommend Mel!” Mary K.

“…open and willing…I felt secure and comfortable…” – Kristen M.

“…an oasis of calm in the otherwise hellish world of infertility…sessions were an overwhelming success!” – Jill W.

“Welcomed working with my midwife and answered all of my many questions…” – Maria B.

“soothing and nourishing to our bodies, and reconnected to eachother…” – Rick and Kimberly

“She described the acupuncture treatment for fertility – I immediately felt relief. Melani was physically and emotionally present.” – Michal

“It’s a boy!” – Andrew

“I sincerely feel that Melani’s acupuncture treatment was effective in helping me have a timely and healthy labor and delivery.” – Anonymous

“Women should know that they have choices out there. I got my period for the first time in four months, and I’m no longer burning up or freezing cold from my hyperthyroidism.” –Carol

“Doctors covered up the condition with birth control. Melani healed it. – Claire

Acupuncture“I often feel like what I am saying to doctors sounds crazy – Melani put me at ease.” – Kasey

“Acupuncture suppressed my migraines…” – Ellie

“I just ran the race of my life – no back pain!” – Dave

“Melani was the only person, after dozens of doctors, to bring my cycle back.” –Olivia

“…chronic back pain…I visited Melani at Natural Qi and I began to feel better…” – Paul

“…headaches were completely gone after my first session!” – Kyle

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