For those of you who want to get a great Valentine’s Day gift but just don’t want to spend money on a bunch of sweets and things that your special someone doesn’t want to eat in the first place, we have the perfect heart healthy Valentine’s Day gift idea.

Good News for the Chocolate Lovers

Everyone knows that a box of chocolates is the signature gift on Valentine’s Day. However, that box of sweet little morsels isn’t just loaded with love it’s also full of empty calories and a miserable stomach ache. Don’t make your Valentine miss out on the chocolates, just take a ride on the healthy side with dark chocolates.

Studies and research actually have proven that dark chocolate helps to keep your heart healthy. Specifically, eating dark chocolate can help to lower blood sugar and cholesterol. I should be clear; these benefits are only found in dark chocolate, not white or milk chocolate. Unfortunately the milk in other chocolates interferes with the “potent antioxidant” characteristics of dark chocolate and effectively eliminates it from the “healthy chocolate” playing field.

It is important to keep in mind, while dark chocolates do have many health benefits that other chocolates don’t, this isn’t your ticket to eat an excessive amount of them guilt free. Like anything else, eating dark chocolates should be done in moderation. Try buying a smaller box of them so your special someone doesn’t make the mistake of eating an entire years serving in one sitting.

One Glass a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Of the three gifts discussed in this article this one in particular gets the MVP for heart healthy ways to treat your Valentine. There are countless benefits to drinking red wine, but the one most note worthy is the positive effects wine has on your hearts health. Many researchers believe there is link between low occurrences of heart attacks and moderate consumption of red wine at meal time in certain regions of the world. Its benefits are largely fueled by the rich antioxidant content that red wine has. Specifically, the grapes carry an important antioxidant called resveratrol. In the long list of health benefits, resveratrol has been shown to lower your chances of certain types of cancer.

Just as we said with the dark chocolate, these health benefits are only discussed with moderate and controlled consumption in mind. Drinking too much red wine will cause health issues and is not recommended.

The Final Touch

Finish off your chocolates and wine with a long health centered massage that will definitely say I love you. While being touched is something that almost everyone loves, and massages are something that people tend to really enjoy, they are much more than just an enjoyable hour of pampering. A massage has countless physical and mental health benefits. From getting rid of muscles soreness, to increased immunity, to enhancing sleep quality and decreased anxiety, a good massage is the perfect way to start or end any day. BUT most importantly it’s a perfect way to pamper someone you love on Valentine’s Day. Give them a massage yourself or buy them one at their favorite spa. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a health conscious massage for Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! @~

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