p>This particular post was written with our “Summer Survival Series” in mind. The series consists of 4 blog posts that help you gear up in plenty of time for the summer months. The series will include great tips on saving money and energy while keeping the environment in mind, toning up your beach body in preparation for bikini season, great ideas for summer activities, and healthy summer beverages.

Yes, its that time again. That time where you put your trusted poka-dot bikini on and stand in the mirror only to wonder why it doesn’t fit like it did last season. We wanted to help with this feeling that seems to be all too familiar to many women. First, we want to note that before you start to work on toning your body, you should work on toning your thoughts. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get in better shape, but it is important that you learn to love the natural curves of your body as well. That being said, here are some easy ways to get ready for bikini season.  

1.       Take the Long Way: Many people tend to take the shortest way to get to the places they go to regularly throughout the week. This is because they are saving time and being more efficient. That is understandable but the fact of the matter is that efficiency is only a matter of how you are looking at it. So, maybe you are cutting time, but are you making the best use of your trip? An example can be getting to and from your car to your office, desk, bathroom, walking from your car to the grocery store, etc. Make an effort to take the long/hard way and you will be burning more. Take the stairs! We encourage you to see efficiency in terms of what you get out of each trip to where ever you are walking.

2.       Where Non-Flex Clothes: Most people don’t realize that when they wear the comfies all the time it allows for a slow and unnoticed growth. Try to avoid always wearing clothes that are stretchy or flexible. This will help you to notice when the extra piece of pie is catching up to you. If you wait until it’s more obvious it seems more discouraging to try and lose it.

3.       Stand Instead: It burns more if you stand instead of sit, so when appropriate chose to stand instead!

4.       Short High Intensity: If you are short on time for the day doing settle for a short 20 minute jog and call it good. Do 10-20 minutes of short high intensity bursts. For example do a set of lunges, push-ups, squats, and sit ups, mix in some short sprints and do them as fast as you can. This will burn more than if you were to jog for 20 minutes (or even 40 minutes).

5.       Always Exercise: If you don’t have any time for exercise today, do it anyway! There is always something you can squeeze into your day that will be more important than something you can cut out. Often exercise requires sweating which requires another shower. If you don’t have time for that do something that doesn’t make you stink. Go for a ten minute walk if that is all you do. Any amount of exercise will increase your metabolism a bit. So, you don’t just benefit by what you burned during the exercise but also by what you burned after.

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