Postpartum Acupuncture Treatment

Treat yourself with as much joyful care as you are giving to your new baby. Health for you makes you healthy for two!

Postpartum recovery acupuncture treatments can help alleviate some of these challenges that women face after giving birth:
· Breastfeeding problems, milk production, Mastitis
· Fatigue
· Hemorrhoids
· Pain and healing of incisions from C-section
· Persistent Lochia
· Depression

Just as receiving acupuncture treatments prior to birth is beneficial for the body to be working at its optimum potential, continuing treatment after birth is important. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs not only can help you feel better initially after the event of childbirth, but an acupuncturist’s perspective can provide you with a deeper understanding of the progress of your recovery, as well as preventative healthcare and maintenance.

Labor and childbirth require a tremendous expenditure of energy and resources. For a new mother, allowing herself to recuperate and rest is as important as caring for her newborn. Just after childbirth, a woman recovers during a post-natal period of 6 weeks. She can experience many symptoms of the imbalance of Qi (the body’s natural healing energy), including aching, numbness and heaviness of the extremities, mood swings including depression, and fatigue.

Acupuncture for C-section Recovery

Acupuncture treatment can be essential to a woman’s recovery, whether she delivered vaginally or by C section. Considering that recovering from a cesarian delivery is fundamentally a recovery from major invasive surgery, it is necessary that a woman take the necessary time and receive as much tender, warm care as she wishes to provide for her new baby. Acupuncture can help repair the tissue around the incision, restore strength and muscles and internal organs, especially the bladder and reproductive organs, and the abdominal core muscles that help a woman move more efficiently and effectively to take care of herself and her baby.

Acupuncture for Postpartum Depression

Medical studies have shown that acupuncture can significantly help depression that often accompanies other postpartum challenges. Acupuncture helps regulate hormones and enzymes, increase blood flow and the healing chemistry of the brain, relax the body and release endorphins. Treatments are very similar to those used to treat non-postpartum depression, balancing out mood swings, with the added focus on increasing energy and nutrient uptake and strengthening the immune system, so that a new mother has the capability to provide the best care to her child.

Unless there were complications with the birth, in which case acupuncture treatment can start almost immediately postpartum to assist the healing process, recommended home visits start 3 days after the birth, and then continues weekly for one month. If regular home visits are not an option, Chinese herbal recommendations are made based on a one-time office or home visit with follow-up phone consults every couple weeks.

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