Instructions for Simple Meditation

As you learn meditation, these instructions for a method of how to meditate can help:

Find a comfortable seated position. If you would like, allow yourself to sit cross-legged on a flat surface, or a cushion on the floor. You may also sit comfortably in a chair. As you sit, allow your body to relax as you take a few slow deep breaths.

Now, try to clear your mind as best you can. If thoughts come up about the day, your work, your relationships, or other aspects of your daily life, allow them to bubble to the surface, and shift through your mind like a passing cloud. Simply try to concentrate on the physical sensations in your body, and how it feels to breathe deeply.

Concentrate on releasing all tension from your body starting with your toes, moving through your feet, up your legs, through your torso and all throughout your body. Take a few moments at each specific location in your body, imagining that you are “breathing” into each area; to the best of your ability allow that area to relax and release as you breathe out. Remember to include your neck, jaw, eyebrows and scalp! Once you have scanned your entire body, take a few more deep breaths releasing your belly and filling your whole body with oxygen. You can even imagine breathing all the way down to your toes, filling the body from the toes up to the crown of your head with life-giving energy. If it helps, you can imagine white/pink healing light flowing through your body.

If it’s difficult for you to release thoughts, you may want to try these techniques: Focus your mind on counting backwards from 100, taking a deep breath in on every number. If you prefer to concentrate your mind on a phrase, you can select a simple affirmation like, “I relax, and open myself to change,” “I open myself to goodness and light,” or “good energy flows through me and within me.” If your mind wanders, just gently return your focus to your breath and counting/mantra.

When first beginning meditation, be easy on yourself – try to concentrate for two or three minutes. You may increase the amount of time spent meditating as you develop more and more ability to focus and relax.

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