We have all heard the big news, at this point seems like old news, that Jessica Simpson is pregnant. In fact the 5’3 small framed pop star is about ready to give birth. It has been said that she normally weighs just over 100 pounds but currently, in her pregnant body, is at about 170 pounds. Jessica will have some weight to lose after she has the baby and has every intention of getting right back down to where she was before she was pregnant. In fact, Weight Watchers is paying 3 million dollars to Ms. Simpson to “chronicle” her weight loss after birth. While this implies that Jessica will be using Weight Watchers to help her shed her pregnancy pounds Jessica could also benefit from using some other easy to do tricks.

It’s hard to get the weight off for anyone, but once you have had a baby you will find there are all kinds of other constraints and obstacles to overcome in the battle for weight loss. Don’t get discouraged because you can’t keep up with everything you used to be able to do. You are a mom now, and you will find that you have to get creative to get the same results with less time, energy, and resources as naturally most of them of focused on your newborn. This article aims at addressing some of the simple and easy post pregnancy weight loss tips even Jessica Simpson should consider. 

1.       Don’t Be Guilted Out of Your Work Out: Often new mothers feel so inclined to be the best mom they can be that they over do it by not taking time for themselves. DON’T FEEL GUILTY for taking a little bit of time out of your day to get some exercise in. You need this for your health, and your sanity. It is good to have time to reflect on your day and get some fresh air free of the strains that come with a new born.

2.       Multiple Small Breaks: Some mothers will be blessed with the baby that sleeps for long periods of time multiple times a day. This gives you plenty of time to do the house hold chores, exercise, and shower, and might even allow for a nap in there. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone. If your newborn doesn’t leave you much time in between don’t short yourself by thinking if it’s not a long work out it’s not worth it. Do short workouts (even a few times a day). This will help in the end.
3.       Keep it Simple: Having a baby is tough, especially your first baby. There are all kinds of new things to consider when going about your usual (old) day. Even going to the gym poses the issue of whether or not you really want to subject your baby to the local gym day care. Don’t worry about getting back to your normal routine right away (or ever if it doesn’t suit you anymore). Do what you can within the limits that keep you feeling good about it. Take the baby with you on nice weather walks, do at home exercises while the baby sleeps (or plays next to you), or do at home videos.  

4.       Breast Feed: While some people think it’s not certain that breast feeding helps you lose weight, many will argue the complete opposite. It is a proven fact that breastfeeding burns calories. Does exercise help you lose weight? Yes         ! Why? Because you burn calories. If you are breastfeeding and still eating the same calories that you would without breastfeeding you will be sure to drop your pregnancy weight faster than if you weren’t breastfeeding.

5.       Drink Water: Water is good thing to keep in your system regardless of weight loss goals, but as a new mom you will need to be sure to get plenty of it to drop your pregnancy weight. It keeps you hydrated, fills you up so you don’t feel hungry, helps your body digest food, and speeds up your metabolism.
6.       Get Plenty of Sleep: When we are tired, fatigued and out of energy is when we are most likely to binge on the foods that aren’t good for us. Stay rested and avoid those cravings. Not only that, but if you aren’t rested your workouts will not serve a very good purpose anyway, so when the choice is between rest and exercise right after giving birth, get some rest. You deserve it.  

7.       Don’t Start a Diet Right off The Bat: With all of the changes your body, routine, and emotions will be going through its important to not put additional and unnecessary expectation on yourself. Try not to jump right into a diet to lose your post pregnancy weight. Eat decent and take some time off from expectations outside of taking care of you and your baby.

8.       Enjoy Your Body and Your Baby: Finally, and most importantly, don’t get discouraged when you don’t look exactly how you want as quickly as you would like. There is plenty of time for that, and you WILL get there. In the mean time, enjoy being a mom of a little bundle of joy. You can’t go back and relive those moments, but you can lose those that few extra pounds later.

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