Repeated Miscarriage

Repeated Miscarriage

Chronic miscarriage is often the symptom of problems such as stress, an overactive immune system, blood clotting, hyperprolactinemia, active NK cells, or DNA abnormalities in eggs or sperm. Acupuncture and herbs can treat all of these issues, and therefore support healthy implantation and fetal gestation. Acupuncture first prepares the body for pregnancy, and helps the body create higher-quality embryos. Then, once the healthy embryo is created, TCM treatments will support the body in maintaining the pregnancy once implantation has occurred. Acupuncture and herbs work because they regulate immune response, increase the flow of blood and nutrients to the uterus, improve the quality of uterine lining, and regulate hormonal balances. If you would like to read studies relating to acupuncture and miscarriage, please see the article from Ob. Gyn News on our medical articles page.

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