Please note, this is a two post series. The first post will cover starting your day and the second post will cover ending your day. It is important to consider these concepts differently because they really are, mentally, emotionally, and physically a completely different animal.

There are so many things you can do throughout your day that make it more enjoyable. This can have to do with the attitude you have throughout the day to the activities you chose to do.  However you chose to spend your day, you should know that the way you start your day will likely set the tone for how the rest of the day goes.

Starting a day right will look very different for everyone. This will be based on your lifestyle, your job, your schedule, whether you have kids, etc. We thought that it would be nice to at least offer up a few ideas for people to try out. Don’t expect to do all of them, and don’t expect that they will all work for you. It’s very likely that some of them will work for each person. Like most tips and tricks we share on this blog, don’t expect to just have anything magically happen.  These tips all take some degree of self discipline and motivation. Not only will you need to stick to it, even on days when going back to sleep sounds like a better plan, but you will also need to go about it with the right attitude. We will discuss attitude more within each section of the post.

Also worth noting is that there are cases where we recommend the same thing for both starting and ending your day. In those cases we will discuss the difference in how you should go about each one. We will also break down different ideas (in some cases) for different lifestyles/personalities.

  1. Shower: This is something that most of do everyday anyway, and the majority of those people probably already do it in the morning. If you don’t, try it out. Even if you only have time to just rinse off. Getting ready in the morning is a very easy way to start your morning off right. You feel better the rest of the day.
  2. Relaxation Exercise- Yoga, Pilates: These are great additions at any part of your day, but in the morning they help you to position your mind and body in a relaxed, but strong, mindset so you can carry that calm throughout your entire day.
  3. Cardio Exercise: Exercises such as running, swimming, and cycling cause an excess of endorphins to be release after an extended period of exercise. This creates a clear and happy feeling. Not only does it physically alter the chemicals in your brain but it gives you the opportunity to “work through” what you want your day to look like while burning off some possible unnecessary energies.  Even a long walk can help you turn some of your stress into a healthy outlet.
  4. Meditate
  5. Wake up at the Same Time Every Morning: When you are waking up at different times all of the time your body is never really “used” to something. So you are either tired from too much sleep or tired from not enough sleep (or so your body thinks). Try to keep it pretty regular.
  6. Eat a Healthy Light but Filling Meal: It’s imperative that your body and brain have the proper nutrients and energy source throughout the day, making the obvious connection to the start of the day as well. This is briefly discussed in #5 of the post on
  7. Write Goals or Tasks for the Day: You are more likely to complete tasks and goals for the day when you have written them down. This can be something you write every day or something you write every so often. With either option it’s important that you “touch base” with the list each morning. This holds you personally accountable to your own goals, and gives easy reminders. Also, try to prioritize them so when life happens and not everything can be completed you know what should be done and what can be left off. When you start your day with a clear picture of what you want it to look like it is more likely to look that way.
  8. Put on Music: sometimes happy upbeat music is great, sometimes relaxing classical music can do wonders. This is something that should be decided for each person.
  9. Journaling:  Journaling, even 10-15 minutes a morning can help to jumpstart your day. Check out the post section on “Journaling for Your Mind” for more ideas on what and how to journal to start your day.


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