This post is a continuation post from the “Post 1 Starting Your Day” that we did earlier this week. Please see that post for the information on starting your day right.

The way you end your day can affect your future outlook on life. Whether it’s the way you wake up the next morning or the way you handle circumstances that carry over from one day to another will all be largely affected by how you chose you to look back on your day and how you chose to end it.

Ending a day right will look very different for everyone. This will be based on your lifestyle, your job, your schedule, whether you have kids, etc. We thought that it would be nice to at least offer up a few ideas for people to try out. Don’t expect to do all of them, and don’t expect that they will all work for you. It’s very likely that some of them will work for each person. Like most tips and tricks we share on this blog, don’t expect to just have anything magically happen.  These tips all take some degree of self discipline and motivation. Not only will you need to stick to it, but you will also need to go about it with the right attitude. We will discuss attitude more within each section of the post.

Also worth noting is that there are cases where we recommend the same thing for both starting and ending your day. In those cases we will discuss the difference in how you should go about each one. We will also break down different ideas (in some cases) for different lifestyles/personalities.

  1. Think about what went wrong with your day and how you could have handled it better. Make a goal to do it better the next day.
  2. Think about what went right with you day, make a note of gratitude for those things and acknowledge how great it is that they happened. This is very similar, if not the same thing, as making  a “gratitude list”.
  3. Yoga, Pilates or Stretching: These are recommended over high pace or high intensity exercises as those get things moving and at night you need something that will calm you more so than get you pumped up.
  4. Similarly to yoga or Pilates you might want to take a walk after dinner. This will give you some time to debrief on your day, and unwind down from the fast paced day that most of have.
  5. Be intimate. According to making intimacy in your relationship is actually very important and very beneficial to how we feel throughout the day. Making sure to set aside at least 5-10 minutes of intimacy time at the end of the day will likely set the stage for how we feel when we wake up  (add intimacy = better morning).
  6. De-clutter. Going through all the ideas of good ways to end your day I was surprise to find one that said “de-clutter”. I would have never thought to write this one on my own, however when I think about the logic behind it, it really does make perfect sense. If you are the type of person who likes to clean up and organize getting rid of a few things or picking a cabinet, closet, shelf, room, whatever to organize before you hit the hay will help you to feel more “complete”.  Although, be aware that if you are a really organized and tiddy person this could quickly turn into an all night organization fest. This is NOT what we are suggesting you do. Try to limit to small projects and over time you will do the whole house with what seemed like very little effort.




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