There are so many ways that we can choose to conduct ourselves on a daily basis that promotes and overall healthy lifestyle. In this case we are defining healthy meaning centered/stable/balanced in our minds, body and soul. There are so many things you can do for each area, and often knowing what is best is hard to sort through. We thought it might be useful to give you some really good information sources that cover various topics within each “realm” of self health.

Mind- Online Resources Centered on Providing Tips and Information Best Practices for Managing your Thoughts: Everything we do and feel are directly fed from the thoughts we entertain. Learning to maintain and manage healthy and realistic thoughts is key to a well balances life with good relationships and a positive environment.

  1. Success Consciousness- Awaken the wisdom and power within you
  2. Tiny Buddha- Simple wisdom for complex lives
  3. Positive Thinking Toolbox- Positive tools, fro positive results
  4. Foundation for Well Being- Quotations about the mind.

Body- Online Resources Centered on Providing Healthy Recipes: This can include anything from vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, raw and other various diet choices.

  1. Choose Veg- Vegan Recipes
  2. Vegetarian Times- The World’s Largest Collection of Vegetarian Recipes
  3. Gluten Free- Gluten Free Recipes
  4. Raw Guru- Raw Food Recipes and Resources

Body- Online Resources Centered on Providing Information about Exercise: This contains anything from tips to training for marathons/triathlons/etc to general health and well being information with regard to making sure you get enough exercise to promote a fit body.

  1. Ace- American Council on Exercise
  2. Live Strong- Let Us Be Your Person Guide To Becoming a Better Healthier You
  3. Yoga Journal- Everything Yoga
  4. Balanced Body- Everything Pilates
  5. Cross Fit- Forging Elite Fitness

Soul- Online Resources Centered on Providing Inspirational Stories and Information to Feed Your Soul: These sites are filled with fun, funny, uplifting, and inspiration content. Check these out anytime you need a good laugh, a healthy cry, or just need a big smile.

  1. Positive Thinking Music- Music for Confidence and Success
  2. Inspirational Stories- Short Inspiration and Motivation Readings for You
  3. Aha Jokes- Funny Jokes For Kids, I Think We Can All be Kids!
  4. Chicken Soup- Buy Your Favorite Chicken Soup for The Soul Books!

Soul- Online Resources Centered on Providing Information for Shaping your Emotional Well Being: There is absolutely nothing we can do to stop life from happening but there is something we can do to manage how we feel and react to the trying times that come up in our lives. This also applies to times when things aren’t necessarily hard, but could just use a little “light” on them. Use these resources for great tips and information on finding your happy place regardless of the season you are in.

  1. 1.       Action For Happiness- Movement for Positive Social Change
  2. 2.       Compassion Pit- Emotional Well Being Blog
  3. 3.       Everyday Health- Feel Good Feel Better
  4. 4.       Healthy Soul- Taking Responsibility for Your Own Wellbeing
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