midnightIt’s that time of the year again– time for an entirely new beginning!  What better way to bring in the new year than a really well thought out, well intentioned News Year’s resolution list?

I would like to start by giving some short tips on choosing New Year’s resolutions that set you up for success while encouraging growth at the same time. Then I will follow those tips with a few of my favorite New Year’s resolutions for this year.

Tips for Writing Your Resolutions and Picking Winners

  • Pick resolutions that challenge you but you know you can do.  It doesn’t do us any good to pick a resolution that makes us feel defeated as soon as we set it. Dream big, but hold yourself only to what uplifts you – not weighs you down!
  • Don’t word your resolution in a negative way.  So, don’t write “don’t”.  What I mean is this: If your news years resolution is treat your partner better, you would write “treat my partner with love at all times” and not “don’t be rude to my partner.”  Writing in a positive way makes us less likely to feel like we have to say no to something.  It is human nature to do what we focus on, whether its a “do” or a “don’t.”  So think about what you want to do, not what you don’t!
  • Find a partner that will help hold you accountable for your resolutions. This person should be someone who you trust and who will help you in a loving, supportive and encouraging way.

Great New Year’s Resolution Ideas

  • Laugh: My number one New Year’s resolution this year is “laugh more, laugh harder, laugh longer.”  There are so many benefits to laughing.  Did you know that the average amount of times that an adult laughs per day is substantially lower than the average amount of time that a child does?  We, as adults, need to bring this lightheartedness back into our lives.  Laughter is contagious and enlivens those around us, while also boosting our immune systems and dissolving the energy of a bad mood or a bad day.  What better medicine is there?
  • Take more baths. Indulge your senses!  Our society often looks down on indulgent behavior.  “Selfish” is an insult these days.  But what good are we to our spouses, to our children and to our jobs if we’re bored, miserable and out-of-touch with our selves?  Who benefits in a world of people who feel too guilty to enjoy themselves?  Please, put yourself first this year and do what makes you feel good.  Everyone around you will benefit from your happiness and, most importantly, so will you.
  • Resolve to set up boundaries. Sit down and think about the people in your life and the things you care about.  Place them on two lists: one in order of how you currently prioritize them and the other in order of how you actually want them to take place in your life.  Where you see things out of order between the two, make some changes.  Establish some solid boundaries and guidelines that will help you keep these people and things in their proper order.  What will you have to say ‘No’ to this year in order to say ‘Yes’ to the people and things you really care about?


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