On our blog we spend a lot of time talking about the things you can do to better your life. It occurred to us that it is quite possible for you to be doing all kinds of great things that are recommended but sort of killing those positive effects that would normally be seen by doing some not so great things. Even more possible is that you don’t even realize what you are doing is a no no. So, we thought we would focus on physical fitness for a few blog posts and talk about the dos and don’ts of physical health: weight loss and exercise do nots!

While we like to promote positive thinking which goes along with focusing on what-you-can-do and just expecting that the what-you-can’t-do sort of falls in place. The logic here is that it’s hard to be doing the right thing and the wrong thing at the same time, so if you are doing the right thing you must not be doing the wrong things. This is so true in so many circumstances. HOWEVER, the issue is that often in the case of things like diet and exercise people think they ARE doing the right thing- and they aren’t.

This particular post will focus on things you don’t necessarily want to do with regard to exercising.

  1. Doing Too Much Too Fast: just because the guy next to you at the gym is running faster than you on the treadmill, and lifting more than you with all the weights doesn’t mean you need to try and keep up. Push yourself based on your own body and current physical fitness.
  2. Don’t Skip Your Rest Day: It’s great that you are all jazzed and ready to work out 7 days a week if that’s what it takes. However, your body, like everything else, needs to rest. You will get more out of your 5 work outs if you take 2 days of rest than you would out of 7 days of being tired and fatigued.
  3. Avoid Pre-work out Drink: Although it is great to get out there and get some exercise it isn’t great to fill your system with chemicals that change the way your body naturally handles exercise. These are tricky because some of them do make you feel great while you work out but the long term effects aren’t completely understood and not to be “tempted”.
  4. Don’t Stretch Before Warm: Never stretch your muscles before they are warmed up. Contrary to many old school exercise routines stretching can actually damage your muscles if done before they are warm.
  5. Don’t Just Work Out To Work Out: Working out is great, but can end feeling very ineffective without the proper mindset to go with it. You need to know before you start to work out what your goals are. This way you can become informed on the best work out to promote success in those areas.
  6. Don’t Push Quantity at the Cost of Quality: Often people thing that more you do the better. Well, to some degree this is true. However, if you are doing 100 squats but going half way down you are being less effective than if you were do much less but going all the way down. If you are running 10 miles but really slow you are being less effective than if you did 5 miles but much faster.


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