Let’s not fool ourselves, as with most holidays Easter is filled with many great traditions, some that are not so great for us. One of the traditions is the Easter basket filled with sweets and all kinds of goodies that we probably shouldn’t be eating. It wouldn’t be right to have Easter without an Easter basket though, so we came up with some healthier alternatives to the traditional candy Easter basket.

1.       Skip the basket altogether and go with a fun tradition to start out warmer weather and give the gift of a bathing suit or swim trunks. This gift will be sure to put your child/loved in the warm weather mood, without the additional waste band that usually comes with a basket filled with jelly beans and chocolate.

2.       Basket that’s not really a basket- Easter baskets don’t have to just be a basket. You can get creative and use something that is intended for a purpose and then put a few fun items that go with the theme of the container. A few ideas for this would be a fun lunch pale, a makeup box, or even a cute storage type container filled with something that is a hobby of the person you are giving it to.  For more ideas about creative containers to use check out this list of alternative baskets for Easter.

3.       Beach Lovers Easter Basket- This basket would be the perfect gift for a Spring Breaker or someone who loves the beach (probably more for younger ages). Get a sand bucket and fill it with the beach essentials, beach towel, snorkel, sunscreen, and of course sand castle tools. They will be sure to love it.

4.       Gardeners Easter Basket- If the Easter bunny is bringing a gardener something special this year, you might consider making it something they can use while out in the garden. Try using a watering can or a flower pot for the basket and fill it with flower seed or vegetable seeds, a gardening apron, gloves, and some necessary tools like a hand held shovel and pick.

5.       Scrapbooking Easter Basket- Know anyone who has been dying to get their photos in order? Or maybe you know someone who already loves scrap booking? Fill their basket with all kinds of fun spring/Easter themed scrap booking materials. This is the gift that keeps on giving!

6.       Movie Buff Easter Basket- This basket would be fun year around (for any kind of gift). Use either a normal Easter basket or get a large bowl that can double as a popcorn bowl. Fill it with rental coupons, a few good dvds, some different popcorn flavors, and a nice blanket to snuggle up to.

7.       Surprise Eggs Basket- If you want to stick with the theme of Easter and give a basket filled with eggs like a normal traditional Easter basket that is fine too. Try filling the plastic eggs with things that are just as fun to receive as candy. You can use change (fifty cent pieces are always fun) or dollars, lottery tickets, gift cards, and any other kinds of fun trinket you can think of that will fit into an egg.

8.       Scavenger Hunt Easter Basket- A spin off of the surprise eggs basket would be to put pieces of paper in the eggs that lead the person from the first egg to the second, and the second to the third. This will make more of a game out of your Easter basket and will also allow you to give a gift that doesn’t have to fit in an egg.

9.       Healthy Foods and Treats Easter Basket- This source points out that its possible to give a basket filled with treats and goodies, just healthier ones. Use normal plastic Easter eggs but stuff them full of different foods. Here is a short list of healthy Easter egg basket alternatives:

·         Real, hard-boiled eggs

·         Dried fruits has a huge line of dried fruits and vegetables.

·         Nuts & seeds

·         Fresh fruit or fruit kabobs

·         Real carrots, or other easily portable vegetables

If you feel you need more ideas check out this list of top ten Easter basket alternatives.

Happy Hunting!

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