It’s important to start this article by saying that it is perfectly natural to have bad days here and there. If you are not sure whether you are depressed or just hit a rough day/week you should seek professional counsel and consider taking one or multiple of these Depression Screenings (there are 13 different questionnaires to chose from).

1. Proper Routine-Web MD on Natural Depression Treatments: According to WebMD there are many different activities, thoughts, habits, etc that build for a healthy lifestyle and help to combat depression. Then there are those that do just the opposite. According to WebMD to combat depression naturally you need to create a reliable, reasonable, and healthy routine as well as cognitive control and a positive and supportive social network. The routine portion is comprised of things like exercise, and healthy diet, reasonable sleep times, positive goals, and keeping up with daily responsibilities. The cognitive control aspect encourages you to reflect on your thought patterns and actions, take a break when you find yourself on the wrong track, and using logic to improve your thoughts for the next time. Finally, they encourage you to reach out for support, help, and healthy social outings with people/groups/professionals you can trust.

2. 5 Step Treatment- This straight and to the point article gives five easy quick ways to treat depression naturally. According to meditation, music therapy, sunshine, fish oil, and acupressure are all great ways to kick the blues.

3. Amorin- Amorin is an over the counter herbal treatment of depression. They use natural ingredients including key herbs, amino acids, and nutrients in their product. This article discusses the benefits of taking a supplement such as Amorin as it has been clinically proven to work, and is guaranteed to have the proper dosage of the ingredients you need.

4. Cut Caffeine- While many of the articles researched to create this list had a multitude of things in common; one thing only one piece discussed was the idea of kicking bad habits like caffeine consumption and certain medications. Apparently caffeine and certain medications can actually perpetuate depression so kicking them to curb is a good idea if you are dealing with depression symptoms.

5. Healthy Lifestyle- According to Dr. Weil the best way to naturally treat depression is an all around healthy lifestyle. He has found that living a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, good diet, and the proper nutrients and herbs can treat depression.

6. Viatamins, Herbs, and Amino Acids/Hypoglycemic Diet- Dro. Podell gives a large list of natural supplements and vitamins that can be taken to treat depression. He breaks it down into a list of nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins and which ones treat what symptoms of depression including stress management and anxiety. However, one thing to note is that not only does he give much detail on the supplemental side of natural depression treatment; he also stresses the importance of a good diet. Specifically, the importance of a hypoglycemic diet for those who have issue with their blood sugar levels.

7. 3 Step Solution- This article claims that treating depression naturally involves a “3way solution”. What are the three pieces of the solution pie? Simple, exercise, healthy diet, and reaching out to people and groups that are able to support and promote you getting better. They specifically point out joining groups and doing activities like volunteering that make you feel better.

8. Challenge Negative Thinking- According to there is a long list of things you can do to naturally fight off depression. However, one that they stress as being of top importance is learning the 5 steps to challenge negative thinking. Although they acknowledge the important of diet, exercise, a healthy self esteem and more, they specifically say that first you need to learn the five steps: keep a journal of when you feel ok, notice and challenge black and white thinking, allow yourself a set time to worry, write your worries down, and make list of 6 things to distract you when you do worry.

9. Acupuncture- Experts from the University of Arizona in Tucson and Acupuncturist Rosa Schnyer conducted a study where they found that depression can be naturally treated using acupuncture. They also found that acupuncture can be used to treat stress and anxiety.

While it is obvious after reading this article that there are all kinds of different ways to treat your depression naturally, and this may seem overwhelming or confusing, it is important to look on the positive side. There are ALL KINDS OF OPTIONS. Pick a small handful to start out with and see where it goes. Keep in mind that seeking professional counsel is always recommended.

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