Ever tried to diet from one particular food, or even an entire set of foods (ie junk food, carbs, meat, etc)? I am sure most of you have, and it’s probably been the case that many of you eventually cheated on your diet. Why? For many people cravings get the best of us. We cheat one time which leads to two times, then three, and eventually we are back to our old bad habits again. Here are some tricks you can use to break the cravings. This blog is written with regard to food, but please keep in mind that many of these tips and tricks can be used for ANY KIND OF CRAVING- smoking, sweets, sleep (too much), etc etc.


1.       Try Acupuncture: Acupuncture can help to ease many cravings. If you are struggling with cravings for things that you can’t seem to get under control seek a professionals opinion and consider acupuncture.

2.       Start Small with Changing Habits: Baby steps are an important key to creating any new habit, or breaking any old one. Start out with reasonable goals about what you will or won’t do. Chose a set timeline and don’t pick one that is too long. For example, try out a couple of days. Then shoot for a week, then a couple of weeks and so on. In between each time frame you might want to give yourself a little treat to celebrate your success. Then it’s back to the rules again.

3.       Find More Reasons to Not Give in: This tip involves finding more than just your original motivation to keep up on your goals. For you dieters you probably are doing it for more of a “looks” thing. Pay close attention to the other positive effects your healthier eating has on your body. Do you have more energy? Less heartburn? These will keep the motivation going when bikini season just isn’t enough.

4.       Get Plenty of Sleep: A lack of sleeps makes you more hungry so if you make sure you are well rested you will eat less.

5.       Don’t Hold Grudges: You most likely will have a few bumps in the road along the way. Don’t hold onto them. Just let go and move on to the next goal/milestone.

6.       Work Cheats into Meals: When you do allow yourself time for a cheat, make it a part of a meal. This will lessen the chance that you go overboard and eat too much.

7.       Eat Right Away: Eat as soon as you wake up to avoid the extreme hunger that usually comes in the morning from causing you to eat things you shouldn’t as a quick fix.

8.       Keep The Fridge Looking like What You Want to Look Like: What is in your fridge and pantry is what you will end up eating. Don’t stock anything you don’t want to eat. Be sure to have healthy alternatives to the things you crave. Salty carvings can be satisfied with some popcorn or nuts. Sweet is easy to take care of with fruits or sugar free Jello.

9.       Chew Gum: Often chewing gum helps to offer that distraction that your body needs to move on from its craving.

10.   If You Feel Hungry, You Might Be: Be sure that when you chose your diet plan you are being reasonable. It doesn’t do anyone any good to pick a diet plan that leaves you hungry, and craving anything. You need to eat. It might benefit you to discuss your diet plan with a trainer, nutritionist, or physician.

11.   Distract Yourself: If you just ate and you are still craving something, there is a good chance your mind is just playing tricks on you. Do something to distract yourself. Talk with someone around you,  go for a 5 minute walk, etc.

12.   Eat Protein: When your body needs protein it will often seems as though you are craving sweets. Eat something high in protein (like a hardboiled egg or a steak). This should do the trick.

13.   Eat Better Over All: It has been the case for many that when they improve their diets all around their cravings go down. This is because cravings usually come from a lack of vitamins and minerals. When you eat better your body is getting these things and so you don’t get the cravings as much.

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