booksThere are so many reasons why reading is a great habit to get into. So let’s jump in and get right to it!:

  1. Personal Development  The most obvious benefit I can think of when it comes to reading is the fact that you are most likely learning something. Books offer information and knowledge.  So when you read, there are all kinds of possibilities for personal growth including insight, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and more.
  2. Improved Language Skills  It’s no surprise that reading more helps you to read faster and more effectively and it also helps you to write better.
  3. Improves Self Esteem  Depending what your interests are and what you are hoping to be knowledgeable in, reading helps you get there. When you read, you are obviously gaining knowledge, making you more confident about that topic; therefore reading helps you increase your self esteem!
  4. Reading Takes You Somewhere Else  It’s not a mystery that for everyone at some point during their week they usually wish they were somewhere else. Reading offers an easy cost effective way to get away from all other thoughts, problems, worries etc. In order to read you have to be focused one thing- the book. Being this focused on the book takes your focus from everything else. What a stress reliever.
  5. Increased vocabulary You just can’t beat the direct benefits of reading on one’s vocabulary.  There is no better way to teach children or adults proper english, grammar and good vocabulary like reading — and more reading!
  6. Improved Concentration and Focus  In such a fast-paced world, it is easy to become distracted. Reading helps you to keep your focus and concentration levels at optimum levels, both inside and outside the pages of your books.
  7. Lowered Risk of Alzheimer’s  Reading helps you to improve your memory. This is a benefit all by itself, but even more so if you have Alzheimer’s in your family.
  8. Makes you More Likely to Change the World  I would rather not try and rephrase something that is already said so perfectly, so here is a quote taken from

“On the The Reading Project web site Carolyn Martin of Cornell University refers to an NEA survey and explains, ‘People who read for pleasure are many times more likely than those who do not to visit museums and attend concerts, and almost three times as likely to perform volunteer and charity work. Readers are active participants in the world around them, and that engagement is critical to individual and social well-being.”

9. Fiction Helps Too!  Finally, I really wanted to highlight an article that offers four reasons why reading fiction is beneficial. Often, when we think of the benefits of reading, we don’t think of fiction as being included. So, here are four ways that found fictional reading to be beneficial.

  • Helps us explore abstract human experiences
  • Deepens our appreciate for concrete human experiences
  • Expands our experience without having to experience things
  • It’s just fun

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