Many of us have so many things that we like to do during the week to enjoy ourself and keep happy. However what many people don’t realize is that most of these things can be improved by listening to music before, after or during our activities. There isn’t a ton of information on the more “everyday” application of music to healthy living but we found and thought up enough to make a strong argument PRO MUSIC.

  1.      Music helps us to express ourselves:  Music is a great way to express those things that we aren’t able to otherwise. Sometimes we need an outlet and when there are no words, or we just can’t find them at the time, music can help to alleviate some tension caused by life circumstances.
  2.       Music helps to set the mood: Music is a way to the set the mood in any circumstance. Put it as the spotlight in a setting where people come for the music or use it as a background noise to subtly suggest or inspire a certain atmosphere. This is used in department stores, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. For your next romantic date, make sure to have the right play light ready to really speak to your special person.
  3.      Music inspires: Music can insight feeling and thoughts that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. Sometimes the beat and rhythm can make us feel something for a song before we hear the lyrics. Once this connection has been made and we take the time to listen to the lyrics our hearts and souls are more vulnerable and open to the words offered in the song.  We will be more willing to acknowledge something we otherwise might have been unaware of. An example of something like this would be if you were in the middle of break up, but you were “powering through”- just moving on like it never happened. Then you listen to a great song whose rhythm and sound move you. In listening to the song you open yourself up to the words because of the connection you already have and realize that it has opened your heart to the reality of what you are actually feeling in the midst of the break up. Music has a way of leading us places we don’t always acknowledge we need to go. It has a subtle truth to it that is a healthy way to be real.
  4.      Music makes you feel understood: Similar to making you able to express yourself music is usually a way that someone else has expressed themselves. Knowing this helps us to connect just on a human to human level of understanding we are not alone in what we are feeling. Someone else wrote it and therefore understands to some degree what you are going through, and that is always nice to know.
  5.     Music moves you: Music has a real way of helping us to experience human emotions. Theater is the best example of this. Watch any modern day movie and pay attention to the background music. During any moment that depicts emotions (sad, happy, funny, fear, etc) there will be background music. It helps you get in touch with those feeling in moments when you might not otherwise.
  6.        Music relaxes: Music is a great way to get into relax mode. Some like a nice glass of wine, some like a hot bath. Regardless of that, many of us all have our favorite “relax” tunes as our “secondary tactic” to a nice quiet evening. Music has a way of soothing and calming- and a general way of managing our state of mind.
  7.      Music is a universal language: Music is truly a universal language, like many arts. Music with or without words appeals to emotions that are human by nature and therefore experienced by all ages and all ethnicity. Regardless of your position in life you will most likely agree on the “feeling” of a song with any person sitting next to you. As discussed earlier this helps you to feel understood and it of course is just nice when “speaking” to a diverse crowd.
  8.       Music motivates you during exercise: With the right song music will get you lifting more, running fast, biking faster, and going longer in general for exercise. Make sure that when you work out you are focused on songs that inspire you to perspire.


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