I chuckled when I wrote out the title of this post. “Reasons why you should pursue happiness.”  As if being happy isn’t reason enough!  For the sake of not being misunderstood, and all of you chuckling at the post before reading it, I thought I would take a moment to explain my intention. There are only a few things in life at the crux of a “successful” life in my mind, and happiness is definitely one of them. HOWEVER, this post is not about the obvious benefit of being happy (hello, happiness!). It’s actually about all the great things that come from being happy.

  1. Happiness helps you lose or maintain your weight: You might notice, or have noticed, that when you first start falling in love you lose weight. This is on account of all those “happy” thoughts floating around inside of you (aka endorphins). Of course, this isn’t only the case during love stories; it’s a real thing that happens with any “reason” for happiness. Similarly, when you are happy you aren’t inclined to fall back on food for comfort, entertainment, or out of anxious habit, so you end up losing weight for that reason as well.
  2. Your body moves “faster” when you are happy: When you are happy, your body actually functions and moves at a higher energy frequency.
  3. Your body heals faster when you are happy: A joyful disposition helps your body to take care of itself, improving the immune system and relieving stress on the body’s internal functions.  Not only are you mentally and emotionally going to be healthier as a result of happiness, but physically as well. Haven’t you ever heard, laughter is the best medicine?  I’ve never seen a grumpy person laughing!
  4. You are more productive when you are happy: Whether in the work place or in your personal endeavors, happiness is a driving force in one’s life.  Sluggishness vanishes, procrastination ceases and we are fueled by the natural, boundless energy of life force itself.  Happiness puts us back in touch with our own innate energy — all that joy and fervor you had as a child, before your moods took over!
  5. You are more likely to live longer when you are happy: Studies have been done that have actually shown a connection to happiness by way of answering questions positively and the person’s age. The more positive the person was in their answers (that were measuring their happiness) the more likely they were to live longer.
  6. You will have healthier relationships: Let’s just be honest, this is more of a no brainer in the sense that if you aren’t happy it’s really hard to have a relationship and keep it happy. However, if you are happy your relationship will more likely display signs of being a healthy positive relationship.

Now that we have a covered a few things that are a results of being happy, I would like to point out something that I like to call the “happiness is exponential” theory. The same thing is discussed on markdawes.com under “what we focus on we get more of.”  This theory is basically that when you are happy your life attracts and promotes positive things, thus making it easier to be even happier. You will attract people who like that you are happy; they will in term add positive things to your life. You will be more grateful when you think out of a place of happiness, which will in term make you happier. The examples can go on and on, but I imagine you get the point. If you pursue and healthy happy life, you will most like promote an exponential growth of that happiness.

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