Basal Body Temperature Chart

Your Personal Ovulation Calendar

One of the most important factors in trying to get pregnant is knowing your ovulation cycle. Since your basal body temperature rises at ovulation, it can be helpful to track that temperature over time to see how your body operates. This can tell you the best times to have intercourse with the intent of fertilizing an awaiting egg.

Although the chart may look very detailed, it can be helpful to know that the most important things to chart are your temperature, the quality of your cervical fluid, the time of intercourse, and the time and quality of your period days (heavy, medium, light).

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The effectiveness of charting your cycle depends on many factors (included in the chart), that can be better understood and utilized by meeting with me. Traditional Chinese medicine, which can include acupuncture and herbal treatments, can help regulate your cycle, hormone levels and reproductive system as a whole, guiding your body to be the most fertile, healthy place to carry a child.