Reduce stress: treatment with Acupuncture and Herbs

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine prevent stress-related sickness or disease by using acupuncture needles and sometimes herbs to get qi moving again in areas of stagnation. When the stagnant qi is moved and released, the patient experiences relief and relaxation. For this reason, acupuncture treatments themselves are extremely relaxing and many patients fall asleep during their treatment.

Why acupuncture to treat stress?

Because of its holistic and personalized approach, acupuncture and Chinese herbs are extremely well-suited for treating stress. Each person’s experience of stress is entirely unique, and each acupuncture treatment is tailored to the individual”s specific needs. There is no single standard acupuncture treatment for stress. Where and how the body”s qi stagnates differs in each person. Some people react to stress with anxiety. Some people react with fatigue. In each situation, the body has to be retrained in its own unique way.

What is a typical acupuncture treatment for stress like?

Acupuncture treatments begin with a detailed series of questions to determine exactly how each person experiences stress, how it affects their lives, and how they have dealt with stress in the past. These questions help to create an accurate picture of each individual’s experience of stress. Once this unique picture has been created, a treatment protocol of acupuncture and possibly herbs is designed specifically for the individual.

In addition to providing acupuncture and herbal therapies, lifestyle advice may be offered, such as recommending dietary changes or exercise regimens. After just a few acupuncture visits, patients with stress often feel more energized, less tense, and better equipped to deal with the challenges in their lives.