UTI: Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) addresses both the symptoms and the causes of UTIs in order to treat current infections and prevent future recurrence.

A combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and some dietary and lifestyle changes successfully treated many cases of chronic UTIs. Treatments naturally clear out the root causes of the infections and therefore completely prevent future occurrences.

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It is estimated that half of all women experience a urinary tract infection (UTI) at least once in their lifetime and many of these women experience chronic UTIs.

Urinary infections occur when there is a bacterial overgrowth in the bladder and urinary tract. Factors contributing to the development of a UTI include: sexual activity, improper wiping during urination, vaginal yeast overgrowth, overly-tight undergarments, and hormonal imbalances which encourage vaginal pathogens to proliferate. While these factors may leave a woman vulnerable to bladder infections, Traditional Chinese Medicine can treat bladder and urinary tract infections, and balance and strengthen a woman’s body so that she does not develop this bacterial overgrowth.

From a Chinese medicine perspective, an acute bladder or urinary tract infection is too much damp heat in the bladder. The heat element is represented by the burning sensation during urination. The dampness obstructs the flow of urine causing difficulty with urination, fullness and pressure and can be seen as cloudiness in the urine. For more about choosing foods that can help and hinder your UTI symptoms, click here. Acupuncture treatments, along with Chinese herbal medicine, work to rebalance the body and clear this heat and dampness out of the body. Once the treatments effectively clear the pathogen from the bladder, acupuncture and herbal medicine are used to strengthen the body so you are better able to fight off future UTIs. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are effective because they treat the root cause of UTIs, while also dealing with the immediate symptoms.

Cranberry Juice for UTIs

Studies have shown that cranberry juice, when taken in large amounts (16 8-ounce glasses in a day!), can eliminate a UTI, and if cranberry juice intake is continued, can greatly reduce the chances of it recurring. However, it is extremely important to note that the most popular forms of cranberry juice are high in added sugar, which can have detrimental effects on your body systems, including spikes and dips in blood sugar levels and weight gain, among others. Sugar is also also on the list of foods to avoid if diagnosed with “dampness” that causes a UTI, which presents an obvious conflict in the healing process.

What is the solution? Clear, simple water is always best, in great amounts, and cranberry juice that is unsweetened is a great choice. But since many people find unsweetened cranberry juice as rather too tart to drink enjoyably, bacterial-fighting properties are also available in easy capsules that can help clear UTIs. Receiving acupuncture and herbal treatments can help clear the root cause of recurring UTIs, preventing their return.

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