Finding out you are going to have a child is a very exciting time. However, being pregnant can also come with its discomforts. Going into this prepared is a good way to avoid and minimize some of those discomforts. If you have recently found out you are pregnant it is highly recommended that you get prepared with the following things:

  1. Body Pillow: A body pillow is something that every pregnant woman shouldn’t go without. During pregnancy women use body pillows to snuggle up to and fit the contours of your body while you sleep. One of the biggest advantages of a body pillow over a regular pillow is you can take some pressure off of your hips (they ache at night while they move apart). By spooning the pillow and having some support for your hips you will find you sleep a bit better.
  2. Massage Oil and Extra Moisturizing Lotion: There are three really good reasons to keep massage oil and lotion around. First, for some people when you are pregnant your skin becomes unusually dry. Keeping it moisturized will help keep any discomfort or itching down. If you find that lotion doesn’t do the trick it can be helpful to mix massage oil with your lotion. This will give your skin a more refreshed feel when it’s dried out. Second, when the skin on your stomach is stretched in the later part of your pregnancy you might find that it becomes slightly uncomfortable. Keeping it moisturized will ease some of the stretching pain. Finally, you might find that toward the later part of your pregnancy your feet hurt and ache after standing or walking on them for extended periods of time. Use some massage oil and give them a good rub.
  3. Dry Shampoo or Dandruff Solutions: Many women have issues with their scalp during pregnancy. It tends to either be too dry, causing dandruff, or too oily. If your scalp is too dry and you find you have dandruff try these natural dandruff remedies for a baby safe solution to that problem. If your scalp is oily and even when you wash your hair in the morning by mid day you feel oily already try using dry shampoo. You can pack it with you wherever you go. Just powder a little on your scalp. It not only eliminates the oil issue but will give your hair more body and a nice clean scent.
  4. Fun Nail Polish: For some people being pregnant is a really fun time where you feel like you have never been more comfortable in your skin. You “glow”. Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. There will be times when you feel you just need to “spice it up” a bit. Always have a fun nail polish handy. Slap on a coat and give your confidence a boost.
  5. Dental Floss: There are multiple reasons why taking good care of your teeth during pregnancy is important.  It is important for the mother in terms of maintaining a healthy mouth but it is also very important for the baby. Believe it or not your dental health is tied to certain risks associated with your pregnancy. In terms o f the health of the mother’s teeth and gums there are three main things to consider: tooth decay, teeth loss, and gum disease. All of which, believe it or not, are more common when you are pregnant.
  6. Sun Screen: Many people don’t realize that during pregnancy your skin actually becomes more sensitive to burning and sun spots. Be sure to always use sunscreen when you are outside, especially on your face.
  7. Belly Band: At some point in your pregnancy you will be big enough that your old pants don’t button up but small enough that you don’t feel you can justify pregnancy clothes. A pregnancy belly band is great solution to this problem. You can wear your usual pants and just leave them open and have the band hold them up. A belly band is truly a pregnancy must have.
  8. Tums for Heartburn: If you already struggle with acid reflux/ heart burn and you are pregnant you are likely to experience it even worse during pregnancy. If you don’t already have it its still possible you might struggle with it during pregnancy. In order to be prepared for this keep a small bottle or tube of tums on you. This will help kick the burn during pregnan
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