This post was inspired as part of our “Summer Survival Series”. The series consists of 4 blog posts that help you gear up in plenty of time for the summer months. The series will include great tips on saving money and energy while keeping the environment in mind, toning up your beach body in preparation for bikini season, great ideas for summer activities, and healthy summer beverages.

There isn’t anything better then finishing off a nice summer day with an ice cold drink of some sort. For that matter, there it’s pretty nice to have a nice refreshing summer drink during whatever activities you are participating in during the day. However, with most delicious drinks comes a hefty amount of calories and sugars. Try these healthy cold beverages to add a refreshing chill to the summer months.  

1.       Water: Everyone gets so caught up trying to think of what delicious drink they can have to cool off, and often they forget the easiest, cheapest, and best option for us. WATER. Water is the most important liquid we can drink, and the great news is that it’s zero calories, it’s free, and its perfect on ice.

2.       Green Tea (or Green Tea with Lemonade): Not only is green tea another zero calorie tea but green tea is loaded with so many health benefits we could write an entire post on just those alone. Feel great about indulging in an extremely healthy cold glass of green tea to cool you off in the summer time. Feel like adding a splash of something else to your green tea? Try a d little dose of pink lemonade. You will love this Arnold Palmer twist on your tea.

3.       Mint Tea: Mint tea like a lot of teas has zero calories, so there aren’t any worries about it adding to your waist line in the summer time. Throw in some ice and a slice of lemon and you have a cold refreshment that is guilt free till the last drop.

4.        Soy Milk: For those of you who aren’t much into milk and are looking for something a little more on the healthier side give soy milk a try. While it is a lower calorie drink compared to many other options it should still be drank in moderation.

5.       Low Sodium Tomato Juice: Tomato juice is not only low on caloric intake but it is also loaded with a ton of vitamins and minerals to add to your daily healthy eating. The nice thing about tomato juice is you can add it to many other drinks that maybe aren’t as healthy. While it is obviously better to just drink it solo, if you are going to drink the other juice, beer, or smoothie anyway you might as well benefit from using tomato juice as a healthy mixer. This will ultimately decrease the amount of the not so healthy juice, lowering your calories.

6.       Drinks on the Go: For those of you who like to have your summer drink as a side note a social event or reason to get out of the house, check out these healthier options at your local Starbucks.

7.       What NOT To Drink This Summer: Skip the soda at all cost. There isn’t anything good about soda, especially if its diet. You might think that because it doesn’t have any calories it doesn’t do any harm. Think again, diet soda contains chemicals that are thought to be the equivalent of poison to your body.

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