For those of you following our blog you are aware that we are currently doing a “Summer Survival Series”. The series consists of 4 blog posts that help you gear up in plenty of time for the summer months. The series will include great tips on saving money and energy while keeping the environment in mind, toning up your beach body in preparation for bikini season, great ideas for summer activities, and healthy summer beverages. 
With sunshine typically comes a strong desire for most people to either get outside and enjoy the weather or stay inside because it’s just too hot to bare the outdoors. We wanted to give some good ideas for all summer experiences. Whether you hate those few months, or live for them, you should be able to enjoy yourself with some of these activities.

Stay Cool Indoor Activities: Its seems that something the majority of working class America struggle to do is spend time indoors just relaxing and treating themselves to some good old fashion rest. Summer time is usually a time for those that work indoors to really take advantage of their time off and the nice weather. So what do they do? They get off work and head to do something outdoorsy, or they wake up first thing on their day off and do the same thing. Whatever happened to taking time to do nothing? To just relax inside and do very little (or calming type activities). If you are the type (or want to start working on) taking a really hot day as an opportunity to just enjoy the comforts of your home check out the indoor activity list we put together. If, you are more into the outdoors, skip this and head straight to the second list.

1.       Arts and Crafts- There are so many fun do it yourself arts and crafts type things out there to check out. You can google some great ideas or go onto and find an overwhelming amount of fun ideas to contemplate doing on a day that is so hot you just can’t bear to think about going outside.

2.       Movie Day- (home or theater)
3.       Pamper Yourself
4.       Indoor Home Improvement
5.       Read a Great Book
6.       Do a Session of Stretching or Yoga
7.       Bake Something Delicious
8.       Go Bowling

9.       Write a Play or Movie

Enjoy the Weather- Outdoor Summer Activities

1.       Camping

2.       Hiking
3.       Biking

4.       Picnic

5.       Float

6.       Sprinklers and Slip and Slide
7.       Outdoor Home Improvement

8.       Make Smores and/or Have a Bonfire
9.       Garden

10.   Swimming

11.   Site Seeing

12.   Lemonade Stand (For the little ones)

13.   Fly a Kite

14.   Water Balloon Fight

15.   Volunteer at a Summer Camp

16.   Go to Sporting Events (Baseball for example)

17.   Take up Photography

18.   Pick a Bouquet of Wild Flowers

19.   Start a Community Garden

20.   Visit the Zoo

21.   Visit a Theme Park

22.   Canoeing

23.   Surfing

24.   Wake Boarding

25.   Water Ski

26.   BBQ

27.   Play Horse Shoes

28.   Play Corn Hole

29.   Have a Yard Sale

30.   Tie-dye

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