This post isn’t just for people whose passion is to conserve the environment. It is for anyone and everyone. These are very easy to do things that will not cost you more money. In fact many of these tricks will save you money.

While reading this great post on 10 easy ways to conserve the environment I found two ideas that I thought would be great ones to share. They are all great ideas of course, but these two in particular seemed very easy and cheap (money saving actually).

These next two tips on saving the environment are sure to save you money, and will help in other areas too. It’s a win win situation!!

  1. Drive Less: I know I know, you have to get where you need to go. Try carpooling, walking, or even biking. When you are going places that you can’t get to without driving use the car of course (and try carpooling if possible) but when you are going somewhere close by get some fresh air and bike or walk. This will not just save you money, but it will burn more calories too!
  2. Borrow Instead of Buy: If you are a reader try borrowing books (from friends and family, or the library) instead of buying new ones. This conserves paper which conserves trees. If you don’t like to borrow, consider a virtual book application like an iPad or a Kindle. They don’t use any paper and the books are cheaper to buy.
  3. Bring your Own Cup: So many people buy bottled water and drinks wherever they go and when they are done they throw it away (or recycle it). This is tough on our pocket books and it’s tough on the environment. Buy a thermos or water bottle and use this to consume most of your daily liquids.
  4. Stop Junk Mail:  No one likes getting junk mail anyway. So, when you get something from a company and you aren’t interested in receiving it anymore, just call them and let them know. If you don’t feel like taking the time to call you can always just return it and eventually they will stop sending it your way. You can also “go paperless” on the pieces of mail that aren’t junk mail, but don’t have to come as snail mail. Many banks, credit companies, and utilities have paperless statements these days.
  5. Turn down the Heater: It’s really nice to be cozy in your house, but the truth is, you can turn down the heater a few degrees, throw on a sweater, and still be just as cozy. This will help conserve energy and save the environment while cutting down your utility bill.
  6. Save Water: Saving water isn’t just good for the environment because you are saving water (like saving trees) its good because the less water you use doing household chores the less waste water is dumped into our pipes and eventually less energy is used to clean up  and process that water (not to mention less waste water in rivers and streams). This article gives you 15 ways to save water. Check them out, they are easy and money saving as well.
  7. Use Compost Instead of Fertilizer: If you garden you might want to consider using compost instead of fertilizer not just for the environment, but for your health too. It’s just an all around better way to grow your fruits and veggies.
  8. Save Energy Around the House: Here are 13 ways to save energy which in turn helps to save the environment.  Even the smallest, more simple of things has a great effect on the environment. To save energy try cold washing clothes, make sure you have a full dishwasher before you run it, plug power cords into a strip and unplug the strip when not in use, etc.
  9. Reusable Grocery Bag: Try using a reusable grocery bag for groceries instead of worrying about paper or plastic. The truth is they are both bad on the environment in their own way.
  10. Recycle: While this might seem like second nature to some, for others recycling isn’t a habit. It is very easy to do, and only takes a second trash can. No extra time is needed.
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