how to meditateThere are many benefits to mediation if you know how to do it. The problem is that so many people are you to the go-go life style that they don’t know how to settle down enough to get to a point where mediation seems enjoyable. The fact of the matter is that everyone needs a little “relax” time in their lives. The post is intended to give even the most beginner of beginners helpful tips in mastering meditation. This of course is not for any sort of success or goal factor in mind except to get the most out of your down time.

  1. Be Sure to Have Proper Posture During Meditation: There are different positions for different purposes with meditation. If you are doing “active mediation” you might consider walking. If you are meditating to fall asleep lying down might be a good option for you. The best meditation positions are those that promote comfort and positive energy. The most common position is one where your spine is straight. Sitting upright is the preferred position.
  2. Noise: The best noise to have when meditating for most people is none at all. However, this is not always possible. So, sometimes you will have to meditate with noise around you. Don’t focus on it, or not focus on it. Just practice being in whatever noise is around you.
  3. Let Thoughts Come to Mind, and Leave Naturally: Don’t fight having thoughts. Its ok to have things naturally come to mind. Don’t fight or promote anything in particular, just sit there and relax.
  4. Make It a Ceremony: If you have the time make your meditation routine the same every time, and make it more of a “ceremony”. The guided meditation site has tips for doing just that.
  5. Don’t Eat Before Mediation: Doing it on an empty stomach is your best bet since after a meal you will feel more tired and unmotivated.
  6. Timing is Important: When you meditate depends on what the purpose of the meditation is. If you are trying to relax or go to sleep obviously you will be doing this at bed time. If you are trying to get energized you will want to do it before your day starts or when its needed throughout the day.
  7. Time is Key: While learning to meditate doing shorter time periods to start out is always a good idea (5- 10 minutes). However once you get in the grove of things going as long as 30 minutes is a great idea.
  8. Try Showering First: This will help to make you awake and alert.
  9. Use Your Nose Breathing: Rest your tongue lightly on the roof of your mouth and breath through your nose.
  10. Don’t Resist Emotions: Often during mediation emotions that we have been experiencing but ignoring come up. Don’t try to control them or push them back down. They are there for a reason and need to be experienced for a reason. Let them happen and they will flow out in a way that leaves you feeling lighter afterward.
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