When many people think of lemons they think of the just the sour face they get when they bite into one. Others are vaguely aware of the health benefits that come with drinking lemon juice. What most don’t know is that lemons are extremely healthy, but you need to make use of the entire lemon to get the full effect.

First, I will share the best way to get the full effect of the health benefits of a lemon, and then we will go over some of the many benefits. In order to make the most of your lemons please don’t make lemonade. As catchy as that saying is, you really would be better off taking your bag of lemons and making “seasoning” out them. You can use this lemon seasoning on almost anything. Put it on your meat dishes, your veggie dishes, your cocktails, in your water, on your desert, etc etc etc. The list goes on and on.

The seasoning is as simple as it gets to make. Simply put the lemons in the freezer and leave them there until frozen.  Do not peel the lemon. Put the whole lemon in the freezer.  Once the lemon is frozen grade the entire lemon. Use the graded lemon as your seasoning. Easy as that!

Here are some health benefits from eating lemons:

1.       Lemon Kills Cancerous Cells: It has been said that lemons actually kill all forms of tumors and cancer to some degree or another.

2.       Lemon Fights of Bacterial Infection and Fungi

3.       Lemon Reduces Fever: Lemons in your tea can help to reduce your fever in no time.

4.       Lemons Help Cure the Common Cold: Vitamin C and colds don’t get alone. So, take an extra dose when you have the sniffles and the lemon should help clear you up.

5.       Lemon Helps with Respiratory Problems

6.       Lemons Have Antioxidant Properties

7.       Lemons Treat Urinary Tract Infections

Here are some other benefits of lemons, without eating them:

1.       Lemons Can Stop Nose Bleeds: Put some juice on a cotton ball and hold it in your nose.

2.       Lemon Juice Can Ease a Tooth Ache: Just apply the juice to the ache.

3.       Lemons Help Clear Skin: Lemons are loaded with citric acid which can be effective in clearing up skin with acne. Even if you want to put lemon juice on your skin lemons can still be helpful with clearing skin through their antibacterial properties when you eat it.

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