This is the first of four posts inspired by our “Summer Survival Series”. The series consists of 4 blog posts that help you gear up in plenty of time for the summer months. The series will include great tips on saving money and energy while keeping the environment in mind, toning up your beach body in preparation for bikini season, great ideas for summer activities, and healthy summer beverages. 

For many of us the idea of saving the environment is usually shortly followed by the thought of handing over a bunch of money for more energy efficient appliances and more. It is a painful idea to think of spending money you don’t have on something that you already have, even if it’s a not so environmentally friendly one. We understand that. So, we put together a list of very easy ways for you to not only SAVE MONEY, but to SAVE ENERGY, and SAVE the ENVIRONMENT. It’s a win win for everyone, seriously.

1.       Close Blinds during the Day to Save Energy: If you have blinds or curtains on your windows already all you have to do to save some money and energy is to close your blinds or curtains during the day to keep the cold air in and the hot air out. If you don’t want to feel completely closed in just close the window treatments on the side of the house where the sun is shining in. As the sun moves you can open and close the appropriate coverings.

2.       Open Windows during the Evening: This tip only applies to those living in areas where it cools at night. If you live in an area where it cools down in the evenings open up the windows and let the cool air in to help lower your energy bill and usage in the summer.

3.       Leak Proof Your Home: To save energy make sure that there are no “leaks” in your home. This will include things like cracks under doors, or poor ventilation.
4.       Be Diligent with your Thermostat and Cooling Unit: It’s important that during the summer (and all real around) you are careful to make sure that you are using energy only when you need to. So, turn your thermostat up when you are not home and keep it set at a temperature that is comfortable for you but maybe a little warmer than you are used to. The recommended temperature is 78 degrees for best money and energy saving. Also it is important to be sure to have your ac unit maintenanced. This will keep it running more efficiently.

5.       Wrap Your Water Heater with Insulation (Jacket): This will help your water heater to be more efficient.
6.       Turn down your Water Heater: The water heater account for almost a ¼ of most peoples energy use. Turn it down and you will see a huge energy saving.

7.       Favor the Fan: Ceiling fans don’t use a lot of energy, so when it comes down to the fan versus something that uses more energy like your ac unit being turned down, or a free standing unit the fan is a better bet when trying to save energy.

8.       Unplug Energy Wasting Appliances: Many appliances use energy when they are still off. So, unplugging those appliances will help to save that money and energy. If you have items that are plugged into a power strip it’s as easy as just switching it off after use.

9.       Use Pool Equipment Efficiently: If you have a pool you should consider running your pool equipment during off peak hours (at night is best). Also, regular maintenance is important and if your equipment is really old you might consider replacing it.

Keep Lams and TVs Far From Thermostat: These types of appliances put off heat and if they are by your thermostat you maybe be causing your thermostat to think it is actually warmer in the house than it actually is. Consequently cooling more than it needs to and wasting energy

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